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Distribution Form - This form is used to request a distribution of your money from the National Plus Plan.  You can only request a distribution if you've retired, or, if you no longer work for the company, you've become permanently disabled, or you are the beneficiary of a deceased participant.


Plan Enrollment Information - This information package contains specific information about the National Plus Plan as well as specific enrollment information.  To Request Plan Enrollment Forms, Please Contact Your Employer or the Pension Office to Initiate This Request.


Summary Plan Description - This booklet is a “summary plan description” for the National Plus Plan. Only highlights of the Plan are presented here. Detailed provisions are found in the Plan’s formal text, a copy of which is available for you to examine at the Fund Office. If anything stated in this booklet conflicts with the official plan document, the plan document will govern because it is the official plan document and this booklet is only a summary.


NPP Distribution Form:

English Version 

NPP Enrollment Information:
English & Spanish Version 


Pension Office:  6 Blackstone Valley Place  Suite 302  Lincoln, RI. 02865     Phone:  800-452-4155  Ext: 78305   Fax:  401-334-5133

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