Welcome to the National Plus Plan newsletter archive, here you will be able to download recent quarterly newsletters that recap various NPP updates, retirement planning information, and other important retirement topics.  To access these newsletters simply click on the report icon next to each title to download the PDF file.  

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January 2021 Newsletter: 

"NPP Plan Updates 2021"

Topic:  The trustees of the National Plus Plan have updated the Plan's hardship rules for distribution.  This annual newsletter highlights specific updates to the National Plus Plan effective this year.  

October 2020 Newsletter: 

"The Big 3"  - Stocks, Bonds, and Cash

Topic:  Understanding the most basic tools of investing will help you gain more confidence in what you own in your National Plus Plan retirement account.  

July 2020 Newsletter: 

"Surviving Market Turbulence"  

Topic:  Economic downturns and turbulent markets can make people nervous.  With that in mind we provide some tips for investors during unpredictable times.  

April 2020 Newsletter: 

"Thoughts on Investing During Periods of Market Volatility" 

Topic: During these times of financial uncertainty emotional reactions to market events are perfectly normal. Investors should expect to feel nervous when markets decline, but it’s the actions taken during such periods that can mean the difference between investment success and shortfall.