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Welcome to the National Plus Plan newsletter archive, here you will be able to download recent quarterly newsletters that recap various NPP updates, retirement planning information, and other important retirement topics.  To access these newsletters simply click on the report icon next to each title to download the PDF file.  

Please note to access NPP newsletters you must have Adobe PDF reader installed on your computer or internet enabled device.  To download a free copy of Adobe PDF reader simply click here


July 2019 Newsletter: 

"In the Retirement Drivers Seat"  

Topic:  When it comes to investing for retirement, its up to you to decide how to manage your plan investments. 

May 2019 Newsletter: 

"Time, Not Timing, Is the Key to Long Term Success" 

Topic:  It's not getting in and out of the market, it's adhering to a sensible investment strategy over time.

January 2019 Newsletter: 

"Annual Financial Checkup" 

Topic:  Managing the emotions of volatile markets.  A self-assessment to better understand the associated investment risk in your portfolio.

October 2018 Newsletter: 

"Assessing Your Financial Health" 

Topic:  Maybe it’s been a while since you took your financial
temperature, or maybe this is the first time you’ve considered it. Either way,
the time is right to make sure you are healthy, financially speaking.